Rev-Up 4 DSI 2016

Rev-Up 4 DSI 2016

Aidan Lynam once estimated that his fellow bikers had between them travelled to the moon and back twice to raise funds for those affected by Down syndrome....

Motorcyclists Prepare to Rev-Up 4 DSI

Motorcyclists Prepare to Rev-Up 4 DSI

The lord of Irish dance Michael Flatley took time out of his busy schedule to help launch Down Syndrome Ireland’s annual charity motorcycle challenge ‘Revup4DSI’. Motorcyclists across the country are preparing to take to the open road for the DSI event which takes place over the May bank holiday weekend (30th April – 2nd May’16)....

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About Rev Up

Rev-up4DSI is an annual charity motorcycle challenge in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland.

It all started in 2005 when two kindred spirits (Michael McCormick and Aidan Lynam) met. Both are Dads to young girls born with Down Syndrome (Megan and Robyn respectively) and both are keen motorcyclists. Michael (CEO of DSI at the time) was looking to run a motorcycle event for DSI and Aidan (managing a bar at the time) was thinking along similar lines. So after a fairly brief but enthusiastic meeting Rev-up was born.

At the outset the hope was for 50 bikes, each raising €1,000 which would have been fantastic. Little did they know then exactly how big or how fast the event would grow!!.

In May 2006 the inaugural event set off from Joe Duffy’s BMW dealership with 94 bikes in tow, about half of whom were carrying pillions and all were bedecked in DSI shirts, badges and stickers. Raising in excess of €200,000 at the first attempt was an absolutely astounding achievement by all the participants and truly humbled all who were involved.

The event has now raised in excess of €1,5 million in much needed funds for DSI, continuing to grow in size since its humble beginnings and has now firmly stamped itself into the Irish biking calendar as one of the Premier charity events.

Down Syndrome Ireland hope to see you all on the road in May!