About DSI

Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) is a national charity representing people with Down Syndrome and their families. It is the largest organisation in Ireland supporting people with an intellectual disability, with a membership of over 2,500 families. Its purpose is to ensure people with Down Syndrome reach their full potential as members of society.

Down Syndrome Ireland was founded in 1971 as a support group for parents and carers of people with Down Syndrome. Throughout the last 4 decades the remit and profile of the organisation has changed and expanded. Traditionally much of the work of the organisation was carried out in a voluntary capacity by committees of parents and carers of people with Down Syndrome. However in the last ten years the services being offered by the organisation have expanded greatly and in order to do this a professionally staffed national office has developed alongside the voluntary committees.

 The national office of Down Syndrome Ireland includes a team of specialists, a fundraising Department and a members support/administration section, all headed up by a CEO. This team provide direct and indirect services to DSI members, professionals and the wider public.